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We stand with our comrades in India!

Press release on Hamburg Conference From : Democracy and Class Struggle Internationalist gathers in Hamburg in Support of the People’s War in India On the 24th of November the International Conference in Support of the People´s War in India took place in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Following the joint Call of the International Committee […]

Statement by MCP-France

Maoist Communist Party of France salutes the International Conference convened today in Hamburg to provide and develop international solidarity to the People’s War in India led by the Communist Party of India-Maoist. In this period of crisis of imperialism, the people’s war in India should be a source of inspiration for all communists, revolutionaries, the […]

Comrade Basanta on ‘Identity Politics’

(After a long gap we are posting the article of Comrade Indra Mohan Sigdel ‘Basanta’, the Politburo member of CPN-Maoist. The issue of ‘ Federal System’  and  the ‘Politics of  (single!)  Identity’ has produced a lot of debate and discussion in the Nepalese Politics as well as within the Maoist Party too. First of all, […]

Real Face of the Neo-Capitalists

 We have taken this article from We urge our viewers and readers to study the article, ‘The Struggle for Socialism in China : The Bo Xilai Saga and Beyond’, which was published in the magazine Monthly Review, 64, 2012 ( Now we have another article, which gives us the real picture of the Chinese […]

Support the People`s War in India

At the outset, the Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Forum–Nepal expresses strong and profound solidarity to the International conference in support of People’s War in India, which is going to be held in Hamburg  on 24th November. We, the Nepalese revolutionary intellectuals, writers and cultural activists, who are fighting for the cause of New Democratic Revolution always condemn […]

‘न्यु सिन्थेसिस’ : विवाद र बहस

ऋषिराज बराल (प्रिय मित्रहरू ! हामी फेरि आएका छौँ । एताका एक महिना भन्दा बढी समयमा हामीले केही पनि पोस्ट गर्न सक्ने स्थिति रहेन । मार्चदेखिका हाम्रा रचनाहरू गाएब भएका छन् । साइबर अपराधीहरूको सिकार भयौं हामी । यसबारे पछि विस्तृतमा  केही लेखने छु । तर अब हामी निरन्तर आइरहने छौँ । यसबीच हामीले केही […]

Preliminary response to ‘New Synthesis’

Rishi Raj Baral (Revolutionary Communist Party (America) has publicized a document entitled ‘Letter to participating Parties and Organizations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement’. The Next Front had got this document already through mail and it was under study within our team. This document advocates the meaning and significance of New Synthesis by Comrade Bov Avakian- […]

Recruit large numbers of intellectuals

Dear viewers, after a long gap, now we have come back. We were facing some technical problems. (This time we are posting a famous article by Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, written in 1939. This article was a decision drafted by Comrade Mao Tse-tung for the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. Mao has emphasized the […]

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