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Press Statement by CPI(Maoist)

Source: A World To Win News Service COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (MAOIST) CENTRAL COMMITTEE November 25, 2011 Condemn the brutal murder of Comrade Mallojula Koteswara Rao, the beloved leader of the oppressed masses, the leader of Indian revolution and CPI (Maoist) Politburo member! Observe protest week from November 29 to December 5 and 48-hour ‘Bharat […]

Interview with D-D Commander ‘Vivek’

We disagree with the tendency that is going to dissolve People’s Liberation Army :Mep Bahadur Kunwar, “Vivek” (Mep Bdr. Kunwar “Com. Vivek”  is  a Divisional Deputy Commander in the 6thDivision of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) camp; which is located in Surkhet district, Mid-WesternNepal. He is one of the prominent commanders of PLA in Nepal. Journalist […]

CPI (Maoist) has called Bharat Bandh

Renowned cultural activist Gaddar honours Kishanji at Funeral Ceremony. From:Democracy and Class Struggle The Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) has called for two-day “Bharat bandh” December 4-5 to protest against the killing of its politburo member Kishanji. The central committee also called for a “protest week” from Tuesday. 

Banerjee responsible for killing Kishenji

They cut him, burnt him, then pumped bullets into him.There isn’t a single part of his body without an injury.Varvara Rao From: Democracy and Class Struggle Telugu Poet P Varavara Rao on Saturday said  slain leader Kishenji was killed in a ‘staged encounter’ and held West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee responsible for the death.

आजका खुसी र पीडाका रोचक समाचारहरू

( अपराधी तत्त्वहरूले घरी घरी हाम्रो वेबसाइटमाथि  आक्रमण गरिरहेका छन् । यताका तीन दिनमा मात्रै हामीमाथि तीनपल्ट आक्रमण भयो, वेबसाइट खोल्दा  वेबसाइट बन्द गरिएको भनेर लेखिएको  सूचना आयो । हाम्रा शुभ चिन्तकहरूले चिन्ता व्यक्त गरे  ।  कहिले ह्याक गर्ने र  कहिले  के  गर्ने  गरेर प्रायोजित र योजनाबद्ध किसिमले अपराधी तत्त्वहरूले यसका विरुद्ध युद्ध नै  चलाएका […]

Red Salute ! to our Beloved Comrade

It is a  matter of deep sorrow that the reactionary Indian  government has murdered Comrade Kisanji  alias Malloujula Koteswara Rao, Politburo Member of CPI (Maoist), in a fake incounter in Burishol forest area, west Midnapore District, Jangalmahal, West Bengal on 24 November 2011. He was a leading figure and spokesperson for CPI (Maoist) . According […]

Kishenji: An Indian Patriot And Hero For All Times

By Trevor Selvam 25 November, 2011 Kishenji, the Maoist guerilla commander who was killed two days ago by the Joint Forces of the West Bengal Police Force and the Counter Insurgency Force deployed by Mamata Banerjee, organized the working poor of India’s tribal and Adivasi belt for thirty four years. He was there in […]

“Kisanji’s Death Big Loss but Movement Will Continue”: Varvara Rao

From: Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle Kolkata, Nov 25 (IANS) Describing the death of top Maoist leader Kishanji as a “big loss” for the left wing rebels, Maoist ideologue P. Varvara Rao said the movement will not be affected as the deceased had nurtured leaders to take his place. “It’s a big loss as he was […]

Condemn the Murder of Comrade Kisanji

photo: Democracy and Class Struggle First of all, we strongly condemn the cold-blooded Murder of Comrade Kisanji alias Malloujula Koteswara Rao, Politburo Member of CPI (Maoist) by, Indian reactionary Government. We urge to the oppressed people of the world to condemn this cowardly murder of  Comrade Kisanji.  We have got some primary information and press […]

घाइते तथा अपाङ्ग योद्धाहरूको संघर्षप्रति हाम्रो ऐक्यबद्धता

विसर्जनवादी राजनीतिका प्रवक्ता प्रचण्डले पार्टीनीति र निर्णयविपरीत जनमुक्ति सेनाको आत्मसमर्पणको नीति अघि सारेपछि विभिन्न सिविरमा रहेका जनमुक्ति सेनाका कमरेडहरू एकदमै आक्रोसित बनेका छन् । अझ घाइते र अपाङ्ग कमरेडहरूलाई त एकदमै उपेक्ष्या गरिएको छ । भुसको आगोझैं भित्रभित्रै विद्रोह सल्केको छ  । यसै क्रममा  पाचौँ डिविजनअन्तर्गत  रोल्पाको दहबनका घाइते तथा अपाङ्ग कमरेडहरूले यस उपेक्ष्या र […]

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