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Thanks to ‘Democrecy and class Struggle’

Democracy and Class Struggle affirms its support for Comrade Kiran in his battle against Prachanda/Bhattarai Revisionism to rectify the Maoist Party in Nepal. Thanks to ‘Democracy and Class Struggle, for this support and solidarity.  It makes us very strong   to march ahead. Yes, the battle is going on. The revolutionary  cadres are very enthusiastic and […]

More about ‘London Riots’

( Debates and discussions are going on concerning the issue of ‘London Riots’. We have a lot of comments and articles on this issue. Thanks to ‘Maoist revolution’ for making us available these documents. Was ‘London Riots ‘ a people’s revolt or work done by some criminal elements? We should not be monolithic. In our […]

It is from :But The Next Front was not invited

Nepal Maoists Chief Dahal’s new family members are RAW and CIA: Badal Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya Pokharel ‘Kiran’ of Unified Maoists Party revealed while addressing a meeting of his panel at the Krishnabhog Party Palace in Baneshwor, September 21, 2011, that Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ had in fact met with  officials of India’s notorious […]

Let us visit Maoist Road blog

Dear comrades, Maoist road is the arm for information, formation, debate, struggle in and out of the Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) in the march toward a new International Conference for rebuilding the international organisation of parties and organisations marxist-leninist-maoist’s in the world. Maoist Road supports the May First 2011 declaration.Maoist Road struggles against opportunism and […]

‘राजधानी’ मा छापिएको यो समाचार सतप्रतिशत सही हो

 (जुन पार्टीका सदस्यहरू वर्गउन्मूलनका लागि प्रतिक्रियावादी वर्गका विरुद्ध संघर्ष गरिरहेका छन्, त्यही पार्टिका एक थरी नेता- कार्यकर्ता पार्टीकै एक थरी  नेताद्वारा शोषित- उत्पीडित छन् भन्दा अचम्म  र दुख लाग्ने कुरा हो  । तर  एकीकृत माओवादी पार्टीमा यस्तो छ, एकथरी कार्यकर्ता पार्टीभित्रका नवधनाड्य र सामन्तवर्गका विरुद्ध यतिबेर वर्गीय लडाईं लडिरहेका  छन्  । यस समाचारकालागि धन्यवाद सहित […]

Ichchhuk: A Great Cultural Martyr

   By Rishi Raj Baral (Recently, in ‘Solidarity with the Pelican Bay Prisoners‘, we had posted an extract from the long poem ‘Bandi ra Chandragiri,’ by  our beloved comrade the great cultural martyr: Krishna Sen ‘Ichchhuk’. Most of the viewers have requested us to give the detail information–the life history of Comrade Krishna Sen Ichchhuk.Ichchhuk […]

Book Review: Memoirs of the War

It is a book based on ten years People’s War of Nepal. The writer Shova Kattel is a State committee member of UNCP-Maoist. She is known as a revolutionary party worker within the party. She joined the student movement when she was 13. She worked also in women organisation at different levels. When the great […]

Result of the war gone astray

A Poem by Purna Biram (Purna Viram is a poet of revolutionary enthusiasm. He is one of the main poets of People’s War, whose poems played a vital role to make public opinion in support of People’s War. He has strong faith on Marxism–Leninism and Maoism. He always stood against the revisionism and remained in […]

बाबुरामको धम्कीविरुद्ध ९ जनसंगठनको चेतावनी

प्रधानमन्त्री भएको  भोलिपल्टदेखि नै  भारतीय स्वार्थमा कामगर्छु भनेर अन्तर्वार्तामार्फत प्रतिवद्धता जनाउने बाबुराम भट्टराईले उत्पीडित जनताले कब्जा गरेको  सामन्त तथा दलाल पुँजीपतिहरूको जग्गा पुलिस र प्रशासन लगाएर फिर्ता गर्छु भनेर प्रशासनलाई निर्देशन गरेपछि  यसको चौतर्फी  विरोध भएको छ । यसै क्रममा माओवादी निकट ९ वटा जन संगठनहरूले यसो गरिएमा संघर्षमा उत्रिने चेतावनी भारतपरस्त बाबुराम सरकारलाई दिएका […]

Tactics of Compliance Will Never Lead to Revolution

(Here we have posted  an article from Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari. This is an article by Comrade Ajith.  The Revolution of Nepal is not only the matter of  Nepalese People, it is an issue of a grave concern of the oppressed people of the world. We all know the Revolution of Nepal is […]

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