October Revolution, Leninism and the Task Today: Mohan Vaidya ‘Kiran’

(This is an article by Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal (Revolutionary Maoist). We have taken this article from ‘Maoist Outlook’, a publication of CPN (Revolutionary Maoist). ‘The Next Front’ thinks,  this article will be beneficial for those, who want to know the current situation of Nepalese Communist Movement.)

Salute 26th conference of Virasam: Harsh Thakor

Salute 26th conference of  Virasam which continued the legacy of the invincible ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to extinguish the dark process of Hindu fascism prevailing today.

Chess were truly inspiring for rekindling the sacred flame of liberation from the tyranny of the fascism of the Hindu Brahmanical variety.

On AFP’s grand delusion of reducing “half” of the NPA

Information Bureau,

Communist Party of the Philippines

Much like its president, the AFP is delusional in saying that it will finish off the NPA or in AFPchief Rey Guererro’s reprise, reduce the NPA “by half” by the middle of 2018. The AFP chief made his boast in direct contradiction to DND Lorenzana’s statement that finishing off the NPA in one year is “far-fetched” in an obvious attempt to justify extending martial law beyond 2018. Lorenzana himself is delusional in believing that uniting with other anti-Duterte forces makes  the  CPP “bankrupt.” His statement only betrays the AFP and Duterte’s fear of such an alliance.

Press release from CPI (Maoist) Central Committee, regarding betrayal of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy!

Down with the shameful betrayal and surrender of Jinugu Narasinha Reddy!

Long live the revolutionary tradition of uncompromising struggle and selfless sacrifice!

The revolution will surge forward sweeping aside all kinds of much on its path!

Jinugu Narasimha Reddy(Jhampanna, Rajesh), a member of the Central Committee(CC) of our party, has surrendered before the enemy. He had already lost confidence in the invincibility of the proletarian ideology, the Maoist party, the Protracted Peopleʹs War, the revolutionary movement and the oppressed masses. Unable to face the new and difficult conditions of class struggle brought by objectives changes and the enemyʹs intensifying all-round offensive, he chose the most selfish, heinous and cowardly path of desertion and shamelessly knelt down before the enemy.

The Greatest Friendship: Mao on Stalin

Comrade Stalin’s contribution to our era through his theoretical activities and practice is incalculable. Comrade Stalin represented our entire new age. His activities have led the Soviet people and the working people of all countries to turn around the whole world situation. That is to say, the cause of justice and of People’s Democracy and socialism has achieved victory in an immense region of the world, a region embracing more than 800 million people—one third of the earth’s population. Moreover, the influence of this victory is daily spreading to every corner of the world. 

Kobad Ghandy Re-Arrested

 Press Statement from Kobad Ghandy

After being acquitted in all cases and spending eight years and three months in jail, when I, Kobad Ghandy was finally released from jail, I was re-arrested by the Jharkhand Police just three days after release. On Dec 16, 2017, I was attending the Achempet Court (near Hyderabad), the Jharkhand, accompanied by the APSIB (Andhra Pradesh State Intelligence Bureau) arrested me and took me by flight to Ranchi.

Comrade Pierre is immortal! Statement from French Maoist Party


Comrade Pierre is immortal! Statement from French Maoist Party


Our Comrade Pierre is dead. Saturday, December 2, following a demonstration, he took a terrible fall on the stairs of the subway that left him in critical condition. On Sunday, the medical team confirmed that he no longer had brain activity. He was disconnected from all assistive machines and died on Monday morning at the age of 81.

Maoist Communist Party France : Let’s raise the red flag again!

PCM: Centenary of the October Revolution: Let’s raise the red flag again!

One hundred years ago the Great Socialist Revolution of October broke out – a thunderbolt in the middle of the First World War, an inter-imperialist war that led to the killing of the peoples of Europe for the interests of the various imperialist bourgeoisie wanting to divide the world’s wealth.

More devious,more dangerous: Comrade Ajith

This is the concluding chapter of Against Avakianism by Comrade Ajith. Against Avakianism an ideological critique of Bob Avakian, the dogmatic-revisionist leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA. As one of the leading Maoist thinkers and theoreticians. Ajith has written several significant books and articles and related to land, gender and caste from a Maoist perspective. He was the editor of the international magazine A World to Win, published by the Revolutionary International Movement, a coordinating center of various Maoist parties and forces across the world.

Joint declaration of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations to mark the centenary of the Great Socialist October Revolution


 Proletarians of all countries, unite!

“The October Revolution cannot be regarded merely as a revolution “within national bounds.” It is, primarily, a revolution of an international, world order, for it signifies a radical turn in the world history of mankind, a turn from the old, capitalist world to the new, socialist world.”