Bangladesh: Communique of the 4th National Congress of PBSP

We are highly glad to inform all the party members, activists and guerillas, sympathizers, supporters of the party and all the revolution-loving people that, very recently, 4th National Congress of the Party has been successfully held and completed.

Gorkhaland Movement: History, Flaws & Prospect

By Vijay Thapa 

The year 1816 may be regarded as the turning point in the history of the Gorkha nation. Prior to this unfortunate year, the Nepalese economy was not only self-reliant but had developed in trade, while industrial production had also begun. While Bronze of Bhojpur in Eastern Nepal was famous, the mining of Copper in Charikot had begun; even guns and ammunitions were being manufactured in Puthan in Western Nepal.

Release abducted writer: Varavara Rao

Appeal to the writers and democratic forces, for the immediate release of Tushar Kanti Bhattacharya.

Tushar Kanti Bhattacharya aged 62 was abducted by Gujarat Police while he was arriving to Nagpur from Kolkata by Gitanjali express at 7.30 AM. I quote here the message sent by Prof. Soma Sen, Nagpur University “Thushar, my Husband was mysteriously arrested this morning by Gujarath Police I have been trying Thushar mobile from 6AM. But it was unreachable. At about 8.30AM, Senior Advocate Prakash Meghe informed me that Tushar called him to inform that he was arrested by Gujarat Police and at Nagpur airport. The police will take him by flight to Gujarat and may be produced him in the court tomorrow. …”

Pro.Saibaba’s letter from Behind the Bars

 ‘Why does this gigantic state fear our hopes, our love,our dreams?’ Prof. Saibaba asks in an emotional letter to his wife

Wheel chair bound Prof. GN Saibaba, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by Maharashtra Court for alleged links to Maoists and for “waging war” against India, has written a letter to his wife A S Vasantha Kumari on the occasion of her birthday.

Lessons from the Red Hamburg: PCM Italy

Italian Maoists express their unconditional support to all comrades – and their forces – who during three days have fought in Hamburg, who were able to “break the showcase of imperialism and prevent the rulers of the world form working in peace.”

Message of Central Committee, CPI (Maoist)

Conduct martyr’s week from July 28th to August 3rd 2017 all over the country in a grand way!

Pay homage to the martyrs who laid down their lives in the People’s War!

Defeat Mission-2017 of the Indian ruling classes in their bid to eliminate the revolutionary movement!

Let us protect the Party leadership from top to bottom and advance the movement!

Declare that the path of People’s War shown by Naxalbari is the only path for the liberation of the Oppressed masses!

Resistance against the G20-Meeting in Hamburg

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Some first Notes regarding the activities of the anti-imperialist alliance for the G20-Meeting in Hamburg

In line with the resistance against the G20-Meeting in Hamburg the anti-imperialist alliance formed itself out of various organisations. Declared goal of the alliance was “In the middle of the diverse forms of resistance we will fight in order to send a clear internationalist and revolutionary message to those, fighting imperialism all over the world: We stand at your side, your struggle is our struggle! We send this message among others to the poor peasants in Brazil, who give their lives to unfold a great revolution; we send this message to all, who fight the imperialist aggression in Kurdistan, Syria and Iraq;

Professor Saibaba’s life in danger

Vasantha , wife of Saibaba has posted an emotional appeal on Facebook, asking for the National Human Rights Commission’s intervention

Professor G. N. Saibaba who is currently locked in Anda Cell of the Nagpur Central Jail may collapse any time. His life is in serious danger as the jail administration is not permitting him to take his medicines. He is inching towards death with every passing minute, his wife Vasantha Kumari told National Herald.

Against G20 Hamburg! Against genocidal Modi!

Against G20 Hamburg!  Against genocidal Modi!

On 7th and 8th of July the biggest genocidal in the world will meet in Hamburg at the G20 Summit. Among them, the slaughterer of Indian people Narendra Modi.

A new book by Amit Bhattacharyya

Storming The Gates Of Heaven

The Maoist movement in India is one of the longest surviving communist revolutionary movements in the history of the world. Born in 1967, has been able to withstand state brutality for so long and rose like a phoenix from the ashes time and again implies the existence of some deep-rooted socio-economic needs that the existing system has failed to satisfy. Today, every protest is identified with ‘Maoism’, every dissident voice is being branded by the powers-that-be and sections of the corporate media as ‘Maoist’. ‘Maoism’ in India has, for good or bad, been identified with the fight for dignity, justice and human values.