ठालुवादका विरुद्ध

दि नेक्स्ट फ्रन्ट
red_fist(अघिल्लो अङ्कमा हामीले हामी चौथो वर्ष प्रवेशका सन्दर्भमा एउटा सानो टिप्पणी प्रस्तुत गरेका थियौँ । यसबाट छद्म संशोधनवादी क्याम्पमा निकै हल्लीखल्ली मच्चिएको टिप्पणीहरू आएका छन् । सामन्त र जमिनदारले आफ्नो मौजाका रैतीहरूमाथि हु्कुम चलाएझैँ पार्टीलाई पनि आफ्ना् सामन्ती हुकुमका चल्ने जमिनदारी ठान्नेहरूका निम्ति यस्ता टिप्पणीहरूले आतङ्कित तुल्याउनु स्वाभाविक छ । “नेपालीमा आउनु पर्यो” , “यसमा उठाएका कतिपय सन्दर्भहरू अमूर्त भए, प्रस्ट पार्नु पर्यो ” भनेर शुभचिन्तकहरूबाट प्रतिक्रियाहरू पनि आएका छन् । मित्रहरू ! झारपातपतिङ्गरलाई मलजल गर्ने र असली विरुवा फाँड्ने प्रवृत्तिलाई प्रोत्साहित गर्ने परिपाटी रहुन्जेल र छउन्जेल हामी सबै यथार्थ भन्छौँ र सबै लेख्छौँ/लेख्दै जानेछौँ । जसको जति ठूलो टाउको हुन्छ, त्यति नै ठूलो घन बजार्छौँ ।

Against the decomposed elements

Rishi Raj Baral

 Now we have come back.

The forum of ‘two line struggle’ has been reopened.

The Next Front is running in Forth year. It was  this month three years back we published the first article, that was ‘Palungtar is just the begging’. It was centered on two line struggle within the UCPN (Maoist).  We wanted  The Next Front  to be the  forum of ideological struggle,  and the force of  revolutionary transformation . We are happy for whatever little we could do with this website. We think, to some extent we  have achieved something,  we succeed in  our mission.  We couldn’t have done whatever we did without our supporters particularly the  revolutionary comrades. On this occasion, we express our hearty   gratefulness to our viewers, readers and well wishers for the support that they have provided us.

We can march forward successfully : Com. Abhay

red_fist(Recently online medias have published an exclusive interview with Comrade Abhay, Spokes Person of  Communist Party of India (Maoist). It is an interview of great significance. Most of the question-answers are centered on ongoing 16th Loksabha election of India. Except this, there are various issues, including  Operation Green Hunt, that Comrade Abhay has  given detail answer. In conclusion Com. Abhay has stressed:  However long drawn it may be, how many ever may be the twists and turns it goes through and how many ever maybe the thorns in its path, the PPW is invincible. We are very confident that our glorious people are ready for this long drawn battle to crush the treacherous Indian ruling classes and their imperialist masters on this very soil of our great country. Here we are posting a small  part of his interview. We have taken this  from siganlfire.org)

Press Release by CPI-Maoist


logo cpiMake the New Democratic Revolution successful!

The building of an Indian people’s democratic federal republic based on genuine democracy and self-reliance is the only alternative!

The elections for the 16th Loksabha and for the assemblies of Telangana, Seemandhra, Odisha, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are to be held from April 7 to May 12, 2014. The exploiting ruling classes of our country are readying to impose another huge financial burden on the people by spending thousands of crores of rupees on this. On this occasion the major parliamentary parties Congress and BJP are vying extremely with each other for power and are tying to deceive the people one more time by claiming that only they would develop our country. Defections from top to bottom from the opportunistic alliances of the UPA led by Congress and the NDA led by the BJP to other parties and vice versa had begun long before and they are assuming rapidity as the elections approached.

कमरेड शेरसिंह अब वेबसाइटमा

Bhakta Book Cover_Final copyकमरेड शेरसिंह अर्थात् भक्तबहादुर श्रेष्ठका नाममा स्थापित भक्तबहादुर स्मृति प्रतिष्ठानले उहाँका रचनाहरू तथा उहाँसित सम्बद्ध सामग्रीहरूलाई विश्वव्यापी गर्ने उद्देश्यका साथ वेव साइट खोलेको छ । अध्ययनकर्ताहरूले यसलाई  www.bbpratisthan.com मा हेर्न सक्नुहुनेछ । यसमा उहाँको जिवनी, उहाँका रचनाहरूका साथै जीवनका विविध सन्दर्भसित गाँसिएका फोटाहरू पनि हेर्न पाउनुहुनेछ । यसैगरी प्रतिष्ठानले उहाँका रचनाहरूको पहिलो सङ्कलन भक्तबहादुर श्रेष्ठका सङ्कलित रचनाहरू भाग १ पनि प्रकाशित गरेको छ  र सो पुस्तक चैत १६ गते आइतबारदेखि बजारमा  पनि उपलब्ध हुनेछ । यसलाई पाठकहरूले pdf   फर्म्याटमा वेबसाइटमा पनि अध्ययन गर्न पाउनुहुनेछ ।

Release the Filipino Comrades

pcp comrade(The reactionary government of  Phillippines, backed by US Imperialism has arrested the top leaders of  the  Communist Party of the Phillippines (CPP) . Comrade Benito Tiamzon and Wilma Austrai and other  five members of  the Central Committee, were arrested on 22March,in central Cebu Province in the western Visayas  islands, an area devastated by Typhon last year. Though the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist has not done any comment on this issue,  but we the Nepalese revolutionary intellectuals and the Next Front condemn the arrest of Comrade Benito Tiamzon, Wilma Austrai and other Comrades and demand immediate release of them.  And we urge to all  progressive intellectuals to raise the voice against this action. Communist Party of the Phillippines and   the National Democratic Front of  the Phillippines  have  demanded the immediate release of the arrested Comrades. Here we are posting the press release by CPP, dated on 23March.)

भारतीय विस्तारवादको नाङ्गो नाच

marchakophoto : Rato Pati

भारतीय विस्तारवादले पश्चिमदेखि पूर्वसम्म जताततै सिमाना मिचेको समाचारले फेरि एकपल्ट पत्रपत्रिकाहरू भरिएका छन् । केही दिनअघि मात्र चितवनको ठोरीमा भारतीय प्रहरी पसेर ताण्डवनृत्य मच्चाएको कुरा सेलाउन नपाउँदै फेरि रूपन्देहीको मर्चावार क्षेत्रमा भारतीय अतिक्रमण भएको समाचार आएको छ ।

जनयुद्ध र थाकेका अगुवाहरू

ऋषिराज बरालBaral 3

नेपाली सन्दर्भको जनयुद्धको चर्चा गर्दा यसको उमेर १८ वर्ष भएछ । असाध्यै हलक्क बढेको, तर निश्चित चरणमा पुग्दा अर्थात् समय नपुग्दै आँधी, हुरी र बतासले लछारपछार पारेको वासनादार कुनै फूलको बिरुवाका झैँ भएको छ यसको इतिहास । अथवा आकाश छुन तछाडमछाड गर्दै अग्लिन खोजेको, तर तुषाराले कठ्याङ्ग्रिएर  भुइँमै कतै हराएको हिमाली भेकमा उम्रेको धुपीको कुनै विरुवा झैँ भएको छ यसको इतिहास ।

जनविद्रोहलाई मुख्य मान्नु लामापथ हो

anil_birahi11अनिल शर्मा विरही

(अनिल शर्मा विरहीनेपाल कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी माओवादीका केन्द्रीय सदस्य हुनुहुन्छ । राजनीति र साहित्य दुवै क्षेत्रमा सक्रिय विरही माओवादीभित्र जुझारू युवा नेताका रूपमा स्थापित हुनुहुन्छ ।  क्रान्तिकारी  विचारप्रतिको प्रतिबद्धता र राष्ट्रियताप्रतिको गम्भीरता वहाँको विशिष्ट पक्ष हो । वहाँ भन्नुहुन्छ : मुख्य पक्ष जनयुद्ध नै हो । जनविद्रोहलाई मुख्य भन्नु निर्मल लामापथ हो । संशोधनवाद र  सबैखाले अवसरवादका विरुद्ध सदैव अग्रपङ्तिमा उभिएर सङ्घर्ष गर्दै आउनु भएको अनिल शर्मा विरहीसित लोकप्रिय साप्ताहिक जनजिब्रोले हालै गरेको कुराकानी हामीले यहाँ प्रस्तुत गरेका छौँ ।)

Long Live Com. N.Shanmugathasan

Mao-KumarComrade Sanmugathasan with Com. Mao tse-tung.

(He was the founding leader (general secretary) of Ceylon communist Party (CCP), later it became as CCP (Maoist). He was fighting to defend Cultural Revolution and against revisionist capitalist roaders of china. Com. Shan was beloved leader among the workers, peasants, intellectuals, revolutionaries and Maoists comrades of Sri Lanka. He firmly rejects the parliamentary road and his party line targeted to armed revolution and the party was underground decades. So it spread widely on the country as well as northern and southern, after the death of Com. Shanmugathasan the party becomes to liquidation due to revisionist activities of later leaders.  He was one of the live connections of GPCR in the RIM.)